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abbreviation for
1. ward
2. (Forestry) wood
3. (Linguistics) word


abbreviation for
1. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) War Department
2. (Government, Politics & Diplomacy) Works Department
3. (Automotive Engineering) (Windward Islands) Dominica (international car registration)
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1. ward.
2. word.


War Department.
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Mechanism of tumor resistance to cisplatin mediated by the copper transporter ATP7B. Biochem CellBiol, 89(2); 138-47 (2011).
View Report: https://www.transparencymarketresearch.com/wilsons-disease-market.html Individuals suffering from Wilson's disease are unable to discharge copper from the liver at a normal rate because of mutation in ATP7B gene.
La enfermedad de Wilson es una entidad de caracter autosomico recesivo, causada por la mutacion del gen ATP7B que codifica una proteina del transportador intracelular de cobre (Cpx-tipo ATPasa) (50).
Copper taken up by hepatocyte CTR1 is delivered to ATP7B and CP CP facilitates iron loading onto TF by oxidation (Fe2+ Fe3+).
Li et al., "Rescue of ATP7B function in hepatocyte-like cells from Wilson's disease induced pluripotent stem cells using gene therapy or the chaperone drug curcumin," Human Molecular Genetics, vol.
Despite the excess concentration of copper harms the human body by generating of toxic-free radicals, the human body could make copper homeostasis by exporting excess copper to the intestine, liver, and mammary gland in the formed of feces, bile product, and milk, respectively, that could be occurred by the action of copper-transporting adenosine triphosphatases (Cu-ATPases) which include ATP7A and ATP7B [7].
Spectrum and classification of ATP7B variants in a large cohort of Chinese patients with Wilson's disease guides genetic diagnosis.
The basic pathophysiology relates to improper handling of copper by the liver owing to the dysfunctional ATP7B gene.
Alterations in the gene, which is responsible for the synthesis of protein P-type ATPase (ATP7B), lead to pathological copper accumulation, especially in the liver and the brain [2].