all-terrain vehicle

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all-ter·rain vehicle

n. Abbr. ATV
A small, open motor vehicle having one or two seats and three or more wheels fitted with large tires, designed for use over rugged terrain.
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all′-terrain′ ve`hicle

a vehicle with treads, wheels, or both, for traversing uneven terrain as well as roads. Abbr.: ATV
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all-terrain vehicle

[ˌɔːltəˌreɪnˈviːɪkl] Nvehículo m todo terreno
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(oːl) adjective, pronoun
1. the whole (of). He ate all the cake; He has spent all of his money.
2. every one (of a group) when taken together. They were all present; All men are equal.
1. entirely. all alone; dressed all in white.
2. (with the) much; even. Your low pay is all the more reason to find a new job; I feel all the better for a shower.
ˌall-ˈclear noun
(usually with the) a signal or formal statement that a time of danger etc is over. They sounded the all-clear after the air-raid.
ˈall-out adjective
using the greatest effort possible. an all-out attempt.
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2. good at all parts of a subject etc. an all-round sportsman.
ˌall-ˈrounder noun
a person who is good at many kinds of work, sport etc.
all-terrain vehicle (ˌoːl təˈrein ˈviːəkl) noun
(also ATV) a small vehicle, looking like a small tractor, that can travel fast on rough ground.
all along
the whole time (that something was happening). I knew the answer all along.
all at once
1. all at the same time. Don't eat those cakes all at once!
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in all
in total, when everything is added up. I spent three hours in all waiting for buses last week.

Write all right (not alright).
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With 4,761 ATVs registered in Lackawanna County and few public places to ride them legally, keeping them off public roads and from trespassing continues to be problematic - as does curtailing the number of crashes and property damage they do.
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"More kids die on ATVs than die from bicycle crashes," said Dr.
Not far from where the three ATV riders fell victim to the waves, a 40-year-old mother surnamed Wei and her son surnamed Lee, 10, were also swept into the sea by long waves at 5:03 p.m., the report said.
Hona has 27 ATV units which are usually driven by guests from Barangay Pawa to Black Lava Wall in Brgy Mabinit, Green Valley in Barangay Miisi and Green Lava in Barangay Bonga, Legazpi City - all located almost 3 kilometers away from the volcano's crater.
The report details the results of an analysis of 616 patients treated at Hamad General Hospital between 2008 and 2016 for injuries sustained while using or riding ATVs. According to the report, more than 75% of all injuries happened between the months of December and March and fourteen of the 616 patients treated succumbed to their injuries.
Committee vice-chairman Khalifa Al Ghanim said ATVs were never meant to be used in residential areas or on roads.
Being a passenger or being pulled behind the ATVs accounted for 24% of the injured patients.
ATVs have a high center of gravity and the ability to attain high speeds making their operation by children extremely dangerous.
The company designs, engineers, manufactures and markets ROVs, ATVs and snowmobiles, besides related parts, garments and accessories under the Arctic Cat and Motorfist brand.
Llyn ATVs, his son's new firm, only recently completed the paperwork with Honda but it has already received orders for eight bikes.