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Avenue, Avenues

 a double row of trees or pillars acting as a passageway, also used figuratively.
Examples: avenues of research; of thought; of wealth.
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With the Windward and GRIDS software, document digitisation and storage capabilities, Avenu reinforces its commitment to supporting government customers with records management solutions.
Avenu Medical wins CE Mark for Ellipsys vascular access system.
The purchase positions Avenu as a provider of solutions used by jurisdictions to manage service delivery across multiple agencies.
Louis's letter continues to restrict appropriate avenues for his young son to express his sorrow, and reminds the audience that only private venues are appropriate for grief.
"I have had others who proposed that they could help me with branding & marketing Pink Rose Boutique, but I knew Avenu Consulting would be the best company for the job," said Candice Nyan, founder & Chief Executive Officer of Pink Rose.
Avenu Malkenu for French Horn Quintet by Marsha Chusmir Shapiro (mcshapiro19@yahoo.com)
STREET LIGHTS -- Manila Mayor Joseph Estrada answers questions from media after delivering his speech at Friday night's street lighting switch-on ceremony for the streets of Padre Faura, Maria Orosa, Jorge Bocobo, United Nations Avenu and T.
Je me suis souvent informe, de plusieurs savans personnages, d'ou il aet avenu, que le seul Fransais prononce autremant son langage, qu'il ne l'ecrit.
Simply ll in the coupon to the left of this story and take it with your baby to any of the venues below, where photographers will be ready and waiting to take their picture: Asda Pentwyn - Today | Tesco Talbot Green - |- tomorrow Tesco Western Avenu - from today until Saturday.
Toute acte de vente ou de location des actifs, fait par la personne endettee, sera nul et non avenu des que la societe de gestion des actifs classes en avertit la personne concernee.
"It's also nice to be recognized as a designer, not just a thobe designer, as I have recently launched my shirt collection and men's wear collection at Saks Fifth Avenu in Dubai.
(2) Biotechnology Department, Institute of Graduate Studies & Research, Alexandria University, 163 El Horreya Avenu, P.O.