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 (äl′tō), Alvar 1898-1976.
Finnish architect and furniture designer noted for his use of contrasting materials. His designs include the Abbey Library in Mount Angel, Oregon (1970).


(Finnish ˈɑːltɔ)
(Biography) Alvar (ˈalvar). 1898–1976, Finnish architect and furniture designer, noted particularly for his public and industrial buildings, in which wood is much used. He invented bent plywood furniture (1932)


(ˈɑl toʊ)

Alvar, 1898–1976, Finnish architect and furniture designer.
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Noun1.Aalto - Finnish architect and designer of furniture (1898-1976)Aalto - Finnish architect and designer of furniture (1898-1976)
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Rema Pietila apparently used to say of Aalto that he was like a great tree in the forest under which the shade was so intense that few dared to approach.
Gauthier and Hartsburg are depending on young players like Matt Cullen, Antti Aalto, Ruslan Salei and Mike LeClerc to continue their development.
The device is for teaching and research purposes at the aalto university school of art and design.
Over 50 years or so, Alvar Aalto realised around 200 buildings, some now recognised to be among the greatest of the twentieth century.
Center Antti Aalto was reunited with linemates Jim McKenzie and Johan Davidsson, after missing Wednesday's game with a sore left shoulder.
Aalto University asks for an offer of integration platform for the maintenance of the software, the development consultation of the integration architecture and the implementation of the integrations in accordance with this call for proposals, the conditions set out therein and its annexes.
Matti Senaksenaho continues the distinguished legacy of the Finnish church architecture of Engel, Aalto, Sonck, Bryggman and more recently of Juha Leiviska in his luminous churches in Myrrmaki and in Mannisto (ARs June 1987 and June 1994).
I don't think I was ready; I didn't think it was going to be that tough,'' Aalto admits.
The development of Wilson's work, first inspired by Le Corbusier and subsequently by the Nordic modernism of Asplund, Lewerentz and especially Aalto, is analysed and the impact of ideas from aesthete Adrian Stokes and the English Free School traced alongside the rigorous rationalism of Leslie Martin.
With Oilers ahead 1-0 on the strength of Pat Fallon's goal at 3:37 of the first period, the unlikely combination of Kariya, Johan Davidsson and Antti Aalto got the Ducks even at 14:07.
This request for information does not oblige aalto university to carry out a tendering process.
Major retrospective of the photographer who was the eye of Corb, Breuer and Aalto, and whose exquisite black and white images crystallised the Modernist era.