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 (ăb′ə-lärd′) also A·bé·lard (ä-bā-lär′), Peter or Pierre 1079-1142.
French theologian, philosopher, and composer whose nominalist application of the principles of ancient Greek logic to the doctrines of the medieval Catholic Church led to charges of heresy. He had a love affair with his pupil Héloise, whom he secretly married after she bore him a child; her family was angered and had him castrated, after which he became a monk.


(Biography) Peter. French name Pierre Abélard. 1079–1142, French scholastic philosopher and theologian whose works include Historia Calamitatum and Sic et Non (1121). His love for Héloïse is recorded in their correspondence


(ˈæb əˌlɑrd; Fr. a beɪˈlar)

Pierre, 1079–1142, French philosopher, teacher, and theologian: love affair with Heloïse.
English, Peter Abelard.
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Noun1.Abelard - French philosopher and theologianAbelard - French philosopher and theologian; lover of Heloise (1079-1142)
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