Abaco and Cays

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A·ba·co and Cays

 (ăb′ə-kō′; kēz, kāz)
The northernmost island group of the Bahamas, in the Atlantic Ocean east of southern Florida.
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From Los Angeles to Marsh Harbour in the Abaco Islands, four roundtrip flights come with a total price tag of around $264,000.
With its own calm sea, surrounded by charming islands, the Abaco Islands are known as one of the world's top boating and sailing destinations.
I know I will catch flack from the regulars for writing this, because they want to keep this treasure all to themselves, but there is plenty of room for all and, I think, in a couple of years these northern Abaco Islands will come alive and get very busy.
The Islands Of The Bahamas include Nassau, Paradise Island, Grand Bahama, The Abaco Islands, The Exuma Islands, Harbour Island, Long Island and others.
A part of 40-year-old Erik Norrie's left leg was torn away by the predator, when he was swimming back to his family, after wrapping up his spearfishing trip in the Abaco Islands in Bahamas, the New York Daily News reported.
Having completed research in Cay Sal Bank, Hogsty Reef, and the Inaguas earlier this year, the Foundation turns to Andros and Abaco islands to study sites last surveyed more than a decade ago.
Itineraries [ETH] all eight days long [ETH] include: The Bahamas [ETH] the Abaco Islands, including Great Guana Cay and Man-O-War Cay, and quaint towns such as Treasure Cay and Hope Town; French West Indies and Dutch Antilles [ETH] St.