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n.1.The rhinoceros.
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L'art etant un vecteur, nous voulons le mettre a profit dans cette lutte qui nous concerne tous[beaucoup plus grand que], a declare Salima Abada.
Abada Kefi a appele les deux clans formant Nidaa Tounes a se reunir autour de la table des negociations pour trouver une solution.
An investigation has been initiated for involuntary manslaughter and injuries caused by recklessness, negligence and non-observance of the regulations against all of those who will be revealed by the investigation, said Prosecutor General to the Sousse Court of Appeal Abdelhamid Abada to TAP.
I am now deeply interested in learning more and discovering new codes and new mysteries related to this divine proportion, and incorporating them into my Abada style," she says.
Official QCPD reports said at least 10 policemen from Anonas station conducted such operations at three bars on Esteban Abada in Barangay Loyola Heights around 11:15 p.
In the cemetery of the Muslim village of Sheikh Abada is Bir Sahaba, the well Jesus created.
Las dos mujeres parten de la calle de San Lucas, en las proximidades de Barquillo, toman leche con canela en la botilleria de Mencio y se defienden de las mascaras de Carnaval ante el palacio de Jaruco en la calle Infantas, en la sala de armas de Duran y a la entrada de una mancebia de la calle de la Abada.
Concernant les frondeurs qui ont regagne le parti, il a fait savoir que Ziari, Abada, Kassa Aissi font partie de ceux avec qui il a discute en vue de trouver un terrain d'entente.
Founded in 2003 by Instrutor Mucuiu, the Arte Capoeira Center is one of the leading capoeira schools in New York City and it is part of the ABADA Capoeira group, the largest capoeira association in the world.
Abada RL, Nadef N, Elkhiati G, Rouadi S, Mahtar M, et al.
The new law, which replaces one from 2003, is meant to aid this battle while still respecting human rights, according to Abada Kefi of the parliament's legislation committee, who described it as "a balanced law".
Abada, Mufti Jameel Rehman and others also addressed on the occasion.