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Noun1.Peter Abelard - French philosopher and theologianPeter Abelard - French philosopher and theologian; lover of Heloise (1079-1142)
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The next chapter deals with interreligious dialogue as conducted by Abaelardus, Llull, Cusanus, and Bodin.
Petri Abelardi Pietro D'Artois, Apologia seu tipico agostiniano Fideiconfessio del '500 irregolare Universis EccIesiae e irrequieto, Sanctae Filus Petrus accostatosi piu Abaelardus ex eis volte a Lutero e al unus, sed in eis riformati svizzeri, minimus.
On the contrary, the entire "Abaelardus" dossier appears to be fraught with snags and pitfalls, partly resulting from the nature of the texts themselves, partly from our own modern insensibility to the rhetorical and literary frameworks to which these writers refer, each in his own way.