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Noun1.Peter Abelard - French philosopher and theologianPeter Abelard - French philosopher and theologian; lover of Heloise (1079-1142)
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See the discussion in "Concepts philosophiques dans l'Historia Calamitatum et dans les autres oeuvres abelardiennes," in Petrus Abaelardus, 121-24.
The next chapter deals with interreligious dialogue as conducted by Abaelardus, Llull, Cusanus, and Bodin.
See Wim Verbaal, Een middeleeuws drama: Het conflict tussen scholing en vorming bij Abaelardus en Bernardus [A Medieval Drama: The Conflict Between Schooling and Formation in Abelard and Bernard] (Kapellen-Kampen: Pelckmans-Klement, 2002), referred to by Mews, "The Council of Sens," note 156, under its working title Niet als meester maar als moeder [Not a Master but a Mother].