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(Russian abaˈkan)
(Placename) a city in S central Russia, capital of the Khakass Republic, at the confluence of the Yenisei and Abakan Rivers. Pop: 167 000 (2005 est)


(ˌɑ bəˈkɑn)

the capital of the Khakass Autonomous region in the Russian Federation in Asia, on the Yenisei River. 154,000.
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Abakan believes that Limo's laser based system will result in a product that offers the ideal solution for producing small diameter clad pipes.
This latest award further validates the significant impact that our CermaClad technology can have on improving production times, quality, cost efficiencies, and deepwater installation of clad pipes, greatly benefiting the rapidly growing $4 billion metal cladding industry," said Robert Miller, CEO of Abakan.
The increased demand in Latin America and worldwide for clad pipe to deliver sour crude oil and gas from new and expanded projects such as the Brazilian and West African pre-salt reserves and the Gulf of Mexico, has us very excited about growth potential," said Abakan CEO Robert Miller.
The plane was already scheduled to make a stop at Abakan, but the touchdown was designated an emergency after the engine fault was discovered, Butenko said.
With the aid of friends, family and the local Girl Scouts, they filled 90 stockings with trinkets and sent them off to Abakan for Christmas.
Moose were considered fully extirpated in Altai (Filonov 1983), nevertheless, a small population may have possibly survived in the upper reaches of the Abakan, Biya [12] (Dmitriev 1938), Katun, and Tchuya Rivers [11] (Sobansky 1975).
I started by reading what Phil Bull, Reg Griffin and their team of eight had to say about Abakan and kept going, day and night, until reading their closing words on Zip Flip.
It is surrounded on three sides by wide belts of high mountains--the Kuznetsky Alatau and the Abakan range to the west, the western Sayan to the south and the eastern Sayan to the east.
Then we go and buy the fabric,mainly from Abakan in Liverpool city centre,cut out the designs, take it to the machinists and explain to them exactly what we want.
The factory was located on the bank of Abakan channel not far from the Yenisei River.