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adv.1.In an abashed manner.
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I want them to come," he replied abashedly, "but we don't invite people.
Johnson himself seemed to be caught by surprise, and within days of the referendum he renounced his intention to seek the leadership of the Conservative Party, a post he had un abashedly sought.
The Payola Scandal Prompts a Congressional Amendment to the Communications Act and the FCC Abashedly Follows Suit
Moreover, by focusing on the prosecution and demolition of his political enemies while abashedly favoring friends, cronies, and party mates with favors, employment, and contracts, Pres.
To which we abashedly said something like, "Well, there are no bones, are there?
Let's hope that Jericho is so good in "Bridges" that they will abashedly mind their mannersand know their rightful place
Of course, a country as abashedly schmaltzy as India does not reward an athlete with affection based on attendance alone.
According to some, 'molestation' is not big enough a charge as they abashedly ask, 'What could he have done in an AC II cabin?