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also Ab·bas·sid  (ə-băs′ĭd′, ăb′ə-sĭd′) or Ab·bas·ide (ə-băs′īd′, ăb′ə-sīd′)
An Arabic dynasty (750-1258) that expanded the Muslim empire. It was named for al-Abbas (566?-652), paternal uncle of the prophet Muhammad.


(ˈæbəˌsɪd; əˈbæsɪd)
a. any caliph of the dynasty that ruled the Muslim empire from Baghdad (750–1258) and claimed descent from Abbas, uncle of Mohammed
b. (as modifier): the Abbasid dynasty.


(əˈbæs ɪd, ˈæb ə sɪd)

a member of a dynasty of caliphs ruling most of the Islamic world from Baghdad, a.d. 750–1258, and claiming descent from Abbas, uncle of Muhammad.
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He is especially good on the four orthodox caliphs, on the Umayyad dynasty, and on the Abassids who held the office and presided over much of the Middle East (if they did not always rule it) for nearly 800 years.
History writing, in Muslim history, began under the Abassids, which is why their history books attacked everybody before them, while also taking on a distinct theological character over such issues as the miraculous journey of the Prophet (PBUH).
I endorse the guided caliphate, (13) the Abassids and the present Turkish regime as examples of government by Muslims.
The Head of the team said that they found many of archaeological findings that date back to the Abassids era.