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n.1.Barking; baying of dogs upon their prey. See Bay.
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They begane first at the abay gates, and when the first pagiante was played, it was wheeled to the highe crosse befor the mayor, and soe to every streete.
Gold medalists among men were Hamedov Mirobidzhon, Litavin Evgeny, Zamanov Sharoh, Belyaev Sergey; among the women Boyarkina Kristina, Egorova Nyurguyan, Tatarchenko Nadezhda, Aman Julia, Likhota Olga; among the young men Skryabin Alexei, Mamatbekov Abay, Scheglov Yaroslav, Kuznetsov Andrey; among the girls Nutcin Alik, Moiseev Ain, Sleptsova Ekaterina, Petrukhina Elizabeth; among the boys Balukhin Alexey, Hakobyan Vardan, Oev Sobirjon, Markov Renat; among the girls of Shamarin Evangeline, Leontiev Anastasia, Permina Eleonora, Sikalieva Adeline, Kulesh Victoria, Pernitskaya Tatiana, Abdylakova Gulzina.
Then I joined ABAY or Artista ng Bayan, our adviser was Egai Fernandez.
Binigyan ko pa din siya ng trabaho pinag make up ko pa din siya sa mga abay ko,' shared Arguelles.
Sheikh Abdullah al-Mutlaq, a member of the Council of Senior Scholars, said women should dress modestly, but this did not have to mean wearing the abay, BBC reported.
Arabic) * Yihun T, Ronny B, Shimelis G (2013) Hydrological Response to Climate Changefor Gilgel Abay River ,in the Lake Tane Basin -Upper Blue Nile Basin of Ethiopia Publised :October .
There is a prophecy in Ethiopia that goes along the lines of 'If Abay is dammed, blood amounting to Abbay's waters would have to be shed.
Thirteen cattle units that previously reacted to PPD tuberculin were examined at a private farmstead in the Abay district.
Abay (2013) investigated the choice of 'state of the art' injury severity models by examining the sensitivity of the model results to empirical inferences.
Patrol CID and patrol from Wasit police station lifted the finger prints and reviewed the cameras footage which shows a woman in Abay while leaving the girl in the entrance of the building and running.
1) Department of Veterinary Sanitary Expertise, Kazakh National Agrarian University 28 Abay Street, Almaty 050010, Kazakhstan
According to the agency, Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) conducted the unregistered bond offering to help finance the construction of a hydroelectric dam on the Abay River in Ethiopia.