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also Ab·bas·sid  (ə-băs′ĭd′, ăb′ə-sĭd′) or Ab·bas·ide (ə-băs′īd′, ăb′ə-sīd′)
An Arabic dynasty (750-1258) that expanded the Muslim empire. It was named for al-Abbas (566?-652), paternal uncle of the prophet Muhammad.
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(ˈæbəˌsɪd; əˈbæsɪd)
a. any caliph of the dynasty that ruled the Muslim empire from Baghdad (750–1258) and claimed descent from Abbas, uncle of Mohammed
b. (as modifier): the Abbasid dynasty.
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(əˈbæs ɪd, ˈæb ə sɪd)

a member of a dynasty of caliphs ruling most of the Islamic world from Baghdad, a.d. 750–1258, and claiming descent from Abbas, uncle of Muhammad.
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Seconde par Naila Daouda Djamila,le technicien regroupera a partir d'aujourd'hui le sept national, et ce, jusqu'au 31 du mois en cours a Alger, plus precisement a l'hotel les Abbasides de Palm Beach, alors que les entraEnements sont programmes a la salle Belakhdar-Tahar de Cheraga.
See Mohammad Rekaya, "Le Hurram-din et les mouvements Hurramites sous les 'Abbasides: Reapparition du Mazdakisme ou manifestation des gulat-musulmans dans l'ex-empire sassanide aux [Ville.sup.e] et [IV.sup.e] siecle ap.
It was easy for these negative images to prevail in many phases throughout the history of inter-religion relations, especially during the eras of Islamic rule, whether in our region (Omayyads and Abbasides) or in other regions, such as in Andalusia, where coexistence during seven centuries is a model we strive to emulate nowadays.