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(French abəvil)
(Placename) a town in N France: brewing, sugar-refining, and carpet industries. Pop: 24 567 (1999)


(ˈæb iˌvɪl, æbˈvil)

a town in N France, on the Somme River: site of Paleolithic artifacts. 26,581.
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A spokesman for the Foreign and Commonwealth Office said: "We can confirm the arrest of a British national in Abbeville, France, on October 31.
HOCKEY: VWS Dundee Wanderers are one of eight teams battling it out for the two places to win promotion to the Club Champions Cup next year at the European Indoor Club Trophy in Abbeville, France.
Four squadrons provided escort for American B-17s, which hit a Luftwaffe base at nearby Abbeville, France.
In May 1918 during an air raid in Abbeville, France, nine WAAC personnel were killed - and three WAACs received the Military Medal for bravery as a result of their rescue efforts during the raid.