musculus abductor hallucis

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Noun1.musculus abductor hallucis - the abductor muscle of the great toe
abductor muscle, abductor - a muscle that draws a body part away from the median line
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Reconstruction of soft tissue defects overlying the Achilles tendon using the super extended abductor hallucis muscle flap.
Then the abductor hallucis muscle was identified on the medial side of foot and released completely from its origin or even excised.
In the lower extremity, tibial nerve MDL and CMAP values obtained from the abductor hallucis muscle by stimulating at the level of the wrist and popliteal region and peroneal nerve MDL and CMAP obtained from the extensor digitorum brevis (EDB) muscle by stimulating at the level of the wrist and the head of the fibula were recorded.

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