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or A·viv  (ä-vēv′)
The first month of the year in the Jewish calendar; Nisan.

[Hebrew 'ābîb, young barley, spring, Abib; see ʔbb in Semitic roots.]
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(Hebrew ɑˈbiːb)
(Judaism) Judaism an older name for the month of Nisan
[Hebrew ābhībh ear of grain, hence the month when grain was fresh]
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Dressed in traditional Indian attire, Abib created a soulful atmosphere and mesmerised everyone including Kovind through her performance.
Her law firm, Abib and Associates reportedly recalled an RTGS payments of Sh6 million her firm had issued to one Salim Ali Sheik on the instruction of a client.
Each sampling process has an intrinsic error and a large number of cells counted generate a small sampling error (ABIB et al., 2012).
Gabrielle Ribeiro Rodrigues da Silva, Simone Cristina Ramos (1), Gustavo Abib, and Karina De Dea Roglio
Tomada de decisoes requer informacao de qualidade, que propicie analise objetiva da condicao de saude e as acoes de enfrentamento (Lima, Scharamm, Coeli, & Silva, 2009), o gestor e responsavel por decisoes de relevancia a saude da populacao (Preto, 2015), no momento de decidir e necessario informacoes confiaveis provenientes de fontes seguras (Abib, 2010).
Said Abib, repr[euro]u[c]sentant de la laiterie de Draa Ben Khedda ( Tizi Ouzou) ou 94 livreurs assurent 103 r[euro]u[c]seaux [euro]u travers les wilayas de Tizi Ouzou, Boumerd[euro]uA s, Bouira et Bejaia [euro]u[c]voque les effets quotidiens de la diminution des quotas de la poudre de lait.[euro]o[beaucoup moins que] Celui qui est attribu[euro]u[c] [euro]u la SPA Laiterie de Braa Ben Khedda correspond [euro]u une production de 266.990 litres par jour, soit 2617 litres pour chaque r[euro]u[c]seau de distribution [euro]o[beaucoup plus grand que], explique t-il.
"Every global investment bank should be interested in a lead role given the quality of the company and the fact that it would be the largest IPO in history," said Osmar Abib, global head of oil and gas at Credit Suisse Securities.
The first article Exploring Risk Perception and Degree of Internationalization of Brazilian Small-and-Medium Enterprises by Leandro Rodrigo Canto Bonfim, Gabrielle Ribeiro Rodrigues Silva, Paulo Henrique Muller Prado and Gustavo Abib, investigates managerial risk perception regarding internationalization of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Brazilian context.
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The church used to be called Saints Abib and Apollo and it was built by Ibrahim El-Gohary.
Deuteronomy 16:1 is one of several verses that calls the first month "the month of aviv" (also sometimes transcribed as abib).
Tetrahydrofuran (THF), 2-butanone (MEK), 1-propanol, methanol, ethanol (EtOH), acetonitrile (C[H.sub.3]CN), diethyl ether, deuterated solvents, benzophenone, MMA, 2-HEMA, allyl 2bromo-2-methylpropionate (ABIB), copper (I) bromide (CuBr), copper (I) chloride (CuCl), 2,2'-bipyridyl (Bpy), N,N,N',N',N"-pentamethyldiethylenetriamine (PMDETA), chromatographic stationary phases (neutral and basic aluminium oxide), phosphate buffer saline (PBS), BDP, and poly(2-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) (PHEMA, Mv ~ 20,000) were all purchased from Sigma-Aldrich.