Abies alba

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Noun1.Abies alba - tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey barkAbies alba - tall timber tree of central and southern Europe having a regular crown and grey bark
silver fir - any of various true firs having leaves white or silvery white beneath
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The fir tree ( Abies pinsapo ), together with the white spruce ( Abies alba ), are the only representatives of the Abies genus in the Iberian Peninsula.
Other studies on Abies alba wood revealed the potency of ethyl acetate extract in scavenging free radicals and chelating ferrous ions (Vasincu et al.
2008), tambem ocorreu um aumento do tamanho dos cloroplastos em maiores intensidades de radiacao luminosa, bem como do tamanho dos graos de amido na especie Abies alba (KIERZKOWSKI et al.
2: ramas de Abies alba (930159, 930162, 930181);--1: ramas y ramitas de Pinus uncinata (930134, 930135, 930137).
Finalmente se incluye un trabajo sobre la variacion a traves del tronco del arbol en las propiedades fisicomecanicas de la madera de Abies alba Mill.
In this zone Abies alba, Abies cephalonica and Abies pinsapo are common, as well as two spontaneous hybrids: hybrid of silver fir and Greek fir: Abies borisii regis (A.
Contrary to spruce silver fir Abies alba belongs to the regularly browsed coniferous tree species in the European mountain forests (Motta 1996, Senn & Suter 2003, Heuze et al.
The annual volume exploited which could be used for the manufacturing of eco-panels, provided by Picea Abies and Abies Alba is 58,6282 thou.
Suraif Blackthorn Wild Plum Prunus spinosa Prunus nigra Ruis Elder Persimmon Sambucus nigra Petalostemum candid um Ailm Silver Fir Locust Abies alba Gleditsia triacanthos Onn Furze (Gorse) Sweetgum Ulex europaeus Liguidambarstyraciflua Ura Heather Blackberry Calluna vulgaris Vaccinium spp.
1995) reported that cpDNA of Abies alba also showed paternal inheritance.
Six genetic monitoring sites installed in three countries: two sites per country, one for Fagus sylvatica, and one for Abies alba and Abies borisii-regis;
This could cause selective pressure leading to genetic erosion in a very short timeframe - on the most sensitive ecosystems and species located at high altitudes, such as beech and silver fir forests (Apennine beech forests with Taxus and Ilex, and Apennine beech forests with Abies alba and beech forests with Abies nebrodensis), which are often isolated and have limited critical mass.