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 (ăb′ĭ-tĭb′ē), Lake
A lake of eastern Ontario and southwest Quebec, Canada. It is the source of the Abitibi River, which flows about 550 km (340 mi) west and north to an arm of James Bay.


(ˌæb ɪˈtɪb i)

1. a lake in E Ontario and W Quebec, Canada. 369 sq. mi. (956 sq. km).
2. a river flowing N from this lake. 340 mi. (547 km) long.
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O'Clay, a project of the Abitibi Commons initiative, introduced Abitibi Chevre--an artisanal goat's milk cheese--on Dec.
Abitibi Royalties owns 3,549,695 shares in Yamana and is expected to receive Purchase Rights in connection with the Offering.
Paterson, CEO of Abitibi to Premier Williams, December 19, 2008
International Resource News-August 11, 2011--Canwealth Minerals Corporation and ICBS Ltd files mineral claims on 30 new claim units in Abitibi Temiscamingue region(C)1994-2011 ENPublishing - http://www.
Abitibi Bowater Recycling Europe pledged to donate pounds 1 to Save the Children for every tonne collected from its work nationwide.
The Department of Justice (DOJ) Tuesday approved the merger of Abitibi Consolidated Inc.
City waste management chiefs and recycling partner Abitibi Consolidated are aiming to double recycling in Liverpool over the next 12 months.
Montreal's Abitibi and Norske Skog of Norway are buying the stake in Pan Asia from South Korea's Hansol Paper, giving each firm 50% of Pan Asia.
In the wake of the May 1968 student protests in France, Godard visited Montreal and accepted an invitation to go to Abitibi.
The bands say they are not opposed to environmentally sound tree harvesting, so long as Abitibi respects their treaty rights and guarantees them some of the economic spin-off.
Companies moving to Westchester County or expanding their presence here during the first six months of the year included Abitibi Price, Heineken USA, Arthur J.