Abitibi Lake

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 (ăb′ĭ-tĭb′ē), Lake
A lake of eastern Ontario and southwest Quebec, Canada. It is the source of the Abitibi River, which flows about 550 km (340 mi) west and north to an arm of James Bay.
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traditional trapping grounds, and nearby is the Abitibi Lake. Long ago our ancestors traveled by the river, lake and some over-land portages to summer camps by James Bay," he explained.
Parton is a registered professional forester and general manager of the Abitibi Lake Model Forest, an organization that conducts forest research for clients across Canada.
Chown said the most recent site visit with about 12 members of the two communities and representatives from the Ministry of Natural Resources occurred May 25 at Hospital Point on the north shore of Abitibi Lake, at Eades.