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Noun1.Abkhasian - a member of the Circassian people who live to the east of the Black Sea
Abkhazia, Abkhaz - an autonomous province of Georgia on the Black Sea; a strong independence movement has resulted in much instability
Circassian - a member of the Sunni Muslim people living in northwestern Caucasia
2.Abkhasian - a Circassian language spoken by the Abkhaz
Circassian - a northern Caucasian language spoken by the Circassian
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Two new options under its 'Turbo Button' mobile internet acceleration service, has been launched by Abkhasian mobile operator Aquafon, including 250 MB and 500 MB bundles alongside the current 1 GB bundle.
John Robbins, author of 'Healthy at 100,' cited the Abkhasians, Vilcabambans, Hunzans and elder Okinawans, who eat whole foods, plant-based diets high in antioxidants.