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Presently Rowena returned, all ablush with joyous excitement, and begged for a rereading of the letter.
who doubtless left traces, but ephemeral, and by now alreadytoo erased to enable anyone to deduce much of anything--a dark stain onthe wood, there where perhaps bodies had moistened it; on the stone ablush of pink, or something like mica a
this passage from the Bard's lesser-known comedy I Told Thee So, in which the waggish Insinuo teases his mother as she attempts to conceal a rusty watering-pot from her fastidious sister: Ah, to see my cherished Source ablush In fussy-pudding essays wisdom cloak Would that I with herb and onion (1) held Olympic bowls (2) to crinkle (3) gauzed (4) light (5)