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 (ə-blo͞o′shən, ă-blo͞o′-)
1. A washing or cleansing of the body, especially as part of a religious rite.
2. The liquid so used.

[Middle English ablucioun, from Latin ablūtiō, ablūtiōn-, from ablūtus, past participle of abluere, to wash away : ab-, away; see ab-1 + -luere, to wash; see leu(ə)- in Indo-European roots.]

ab·lu′tion·ar′y (-shə-nĕr′ē) adj.
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1. (Ecclesiastical Terms) the ritual washing of a priest's hands or of sacred vessels
2. (often plural) the act of washing (esp in the phrase perform one's ablutions)
3. (Military) (plural) military informal a washing place
[C14: ultimately from Latin ablūere to wash away]
abˈlutionary adj
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(əˈblu ʃən)

1. a cleansing with water or other liquid, esp. as a religious ritual.
2. the liquid used.
3. a washing of the hands, body, etc.
[1350–1400; Middle English < Latin ablūtiō= ablū-, variant s. of abluere + -tiō -tion]
ab•lu′tion•ar′y, adj.
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Noun1.ablution - the ritual washing of a priest's hands or of sacred vesselsablution - the ritual washing of a priest's hands or of sacred vessels
lavation, washing, wash - the work of cleansing (usually with soap and water)
ritual - the prescribed procedure for conducting religious ceremonies
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[əˈbluːʃən] N
1. (Rel) → ablución f
to perform one's ablutions (hum) → lavarse
to be at one's ablutions (hum) → estar en el lavabo
2. ablutions (Mil) → servicios mpl
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Waschung f
pl (= lavatory)sanitäre Einrichtungen pl; to perform one’s ablutions (esp hum)seine Waschungen vornehmen; (= go to lavatory)seine Notdurft verrichten
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