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Difficulty in breathing, often associated with lung or heart disease and resulting in shortness of breath. Also called air hunger.

[Latin dyspnoea, from Greek duspnoia : dus-, dys- + pnoiā, -pnoia, breathing; see pneu- in Indo-European roots.]

dysp·ne′ic (-nē′ĭk) adj.
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(dɪspˈni ə)

difficult or labored breathing.
[1675–85; dys- + -pnea]
dysp•ne′al, dysp•ne′ic, adj.
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dyspnea, dyspnoea

a condition of painful or difficult breathing. — dyspneic, dyspnoeic, adj.
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Noun1.dyspnea - difficult or labored respiration
symptom - (medicine) any sensation or change in bodily function that is experienced by a patient and is associated with a particular disease
orthopnea - form of dyspnea in which the person can breathe comfortably only when standing or sitting erect; associated with asthma and emphysema and angina pectoris
breathlessness, shortness of breath, SOB - a dyspneic condition
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n. disnea, dificultad en la respiración;
exertional ______ por esfuerzo.
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Some of its symptoms include high fever, loss of appetite, redness of the extremities, shivering, abnormal breathing, and within a few days of infection, the host enters a comatose state and then die.
[USA], Oct 20 (ANI): Turns out, the duration of abnormal breathing events may be a better predictor of mortality risk in both women and men.
Instead, the longer-term risks for abnormal breathing, sinusitis and middle ear infection were either significantly higher after surgery or not significantly different.
It said: "At 5.14am on Saturday, March 17, 2018, Surrey Police received a call from the ambulance service, reporting that they were attending an unconscious male with abnormal breathing at the Whyteleafe Tavern."
For the abnormal breathing case shown in Figure 4, [delta] is set to 2.5 as the breathing cycle lasting about 5 seconds.
The smart jacket features a helmet cooling system, and contains a chip that gives signals indicating the condition of the worker if exposed to any risk such as excessive stress or increased heart rate or abnormal breathing, added the report.
Dr Stephen Hawes, a cardiology consultant at Wythenshawe Hospital, said CPR should be performed on a patient who is unconscious with "abnormal breathing."
It is characterized by ataxia, an abnormal breathing pattern referred to as hyperpnea, sleep apnea, hypotonia, and abnormal eye and tongue movements.
However, neurologically injured patients have abnormal breathing patterns as a result of their injury.
This condition limits the flow of air through the lungs and leads to abnormal breathing.
Abnormal breathing patterns usually associated with stress increase the chances of upper-respiratory infections, let alone elevated blood pressure and cholesterol levels.
The patients complained of abnormal breathing during the scare.