Abu Qir

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A·bu Qir

also A·bu·kir  (ä′bo͞o-kîr′, ăb′o͞o-)
A village of northern Egypt in the Nile River delta on the Bay of Abu Qir. Adm. Horatio Nelson's victory over a French fleet off Abu Qir in 1798 restored British prestige in the Mediterranean and ended French hopes of establishing a stronghold in the Middle East.
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Six of the Abo Qir wells have also been linked to the grid, which increased productivity to 160m scf/day.
* Examination and analysis of some historical map related to north delta, and Abo Qir bay, with different scales, and different dates, started with French campaigns map related to the campaign time 1798-1801, and classify group of satellite images to identify the landscape change detection especially for urban change.
He went on to explain that about 205m cubic feet of gas are provided every day to the two fertiliser factories, Abo Qir and Talkha, which are both affiliated with the public sector.