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A city of southwest Finland on the Baltic Sea west of Helsinki. Settled in the early 1200s, it was the capital of Finland until 1812.


(Finnish ˈturku)
(Placename) a city and port in SW Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia: capital of Finland until 1812. Pop: 175 059 (2003 est). Swedish name: Åbo


(ˈtʊər ku)

a seaport in SW Finland. 163,400. Swedish, Åbo.
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The Akan sayings Wo bu koto kwasea nyame hye woto (literally, if you cheat the crab your nakedness is exposed before God) and Aboa oni dua nyame na pra no ho (God is the protector of tail-less animals) attest to the idea that non-human forms of life do not merely exist for human consumption.
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ABOA constrictor snake played a starring role an in a school assembly launching a charity appeal.
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