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A city of southwest Finland on the Baltic Sea west of Helsinki. Settled in the early 1200s, it was the capital of Finland until 1812.


(Finnish ˈturku)
(Placename) a city and port in SW Finland, on the Gulf of Bothnia: capital of Finland until 1812. Pop: 175 059 (2003 est). Swedish name: Åbo


(ˈtʊər ku)

a seaport in SW Finland. 163,400. Swedish, Åbo.
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Strictly, animal hide is aboa nwoma (animal + hide, skin), often abbreviated to nwoma, the term also used for leather.
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The Akan saying, Aboa oni dua Onyame na pra no ho (literally, God is the protector of the tail-less animal) also indicates God's protection of nonhuman forms of life.
"As an engineer by trade I like working with machines and for me, this is just like a big boy's toy!" The boats included an ecofriendly family home, run on biofuel, which travels the length of the country with the children aboa rd.
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A partir de estas medidas se han obtenido observaciones repetidas con tasas de variacion de gravedad en el continente antartico en estaciones de costa de Aboa, Bahia de Terra Nova, Syowa y McMurdo (figura 5), ya que en el continente las condiciones de observacion son dificiles con la instrumentacion actual.
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The measurement areas were the vicinity of the South African research station SANAE 4, and a traverse near the Finnish research station Aboa. The mean spectral albedo levels at Aboa and SANAE 4 were very close to each other.
The companies are Aboa Venture Management Oy, Teknoventure Management Oy and Oy Wedeco Management Ab.
A sense of timelessness is etched into the walls, the walls of this great seemingly aged, beautiful house (aboa sipokni chokmasi) holding within the creations of our Indian people, erected at the last available space on the Mall.