v. t.1.To imbue with the principles of abolitionism.
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He renewed his charge that Lincoln was plotting to abolitionize both major parties, defended his use of the 1854 platform, and attacked the "House Divided" theory as a transgression against the legacy of the founding fathers.
In turn, Atchison wrote Jefferson Davis later in 1854 that "the men who are hired by the Boston Abolitionists to settle and abolitionize Kansas will not hesitate, to steal our slaves.
Lincoln and Trumbull] formed a scheme to abolitionize the two parties and lead the old line Whigs and old line Democrats captive, bound hand and foot, into the abolition camp.
An example of an attack is the statement that "Lincoln went to work to abolitionize the Old Whig party all over the State, pretending that he was then as good a Whig as ever" delivered by Douglas in the first debate.
Douglas argued that Lincoln's effort to realign the Whig-Democratic Party system was a conspiracy to abolitionize the old parties (Zarefsky, 1990, p.