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(ˌæb əˈmeɪ, əˈboʊ mi)

a city in SW Benin. 54,418.
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Even the wooden carvings on the doors of the palaces in Abomey show how blood-thirsty the tribes dominating this region were.
The Place: this project was carried out in eight municipalities in Benin, namely Parakou, Ouake, Savalou Tanguieta, Cotonou, Abomey, Bohicon and Mallanville.
Dans les royaumes du moyen Benin, certains furent un terrain de chasse aux esclaves pour Abomey avant de devenir leur vassal.
In fact, the Zinsou museum's policy towards photography mirrors the attitude of the custodians of the Royal Palaces in Abomey, a World Heritage site some 100km north of Cotonou and the epicentre of one of Africa's great empires.
Bolshaya Krasnaya, 67 Kazan, Tatarstan 420015, Russia 4Department of Biology and Cell Biology, Laboratory of Molecular Typing and Microbiology, University of Abomey, Benin
3 million for contribution to financing of the Polytechnic University of Abomey and Agriculture University of Ketou projects in Benin; $151 million for the construction of the Abeche-Abougoulem section of the Abeche-Abougoulem-Sudan border road in Chad; $89.
He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Agronomy and his Master of Science Degree in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Abomey Calavi in Benin.
Laboratory of Biomembranes and Cell Signaling, Department of Animal Physiology, Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FAST), University of Abomey Calavi, Cotonou, Republic of Benin
His third wife comes from Bohicon, a town at a crossroads between the north and the south of the country and located in neutral territory, but close to Abomey, the capital of the former kingdoms of Danxome and Allada, the cradle of the Aja 'ethnic group' in the region.
The experiments were carried out from March to June 2003 at the Laboratory of Applied Ecology and from May to October 2004 at the experimental station of the Faculty of Agronomic Sciences of Abomey Calavi University (Benin Republic).
Soon the French picked up a key victory at Adegon before marching toward Abomey where they overran the Fon.
In the mid-1980s when I first began studying these arts in the Abomey area of Benin, the ancient capital of the Dahomey kingdom, bocio figural arts still held remarkable primacy, and were identified with altering the course of life for both positive and negative ends.