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Noun1.Abor - little known Kamarupan languages
Kamarupan - the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in northeastern India and adjacent regions of western Burma
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Nana Abor Yamoah II, in an exclusive interview with The Chronicle over the weekend, indicated that land guards, apart from stealing people's landed properties with brutal force, they also indulge in other criminal activities like armed robbery and indiscriminate killings of innocent citizens.
The CEO duality as a proxy for leadership also appears in a significant relationship with dividend payout ratio in many prior researchers (Arshad et al., 2013; Mansourinia et al., 2013; Abor & Fiador, 2013).
For socio-economic variables (Z!s), it is hypothesized that inefficiency would increase with the increase in ESL, ABOR and SPLED and would decrease with the increase in ICSEA index.
On 26 January 1954 the North-East Frontier Agency was divided into six frontier divisions: Kameng (formerly Sela Sub-Agency), Subansiri (formerly Subansiri area), Tirap (formerly Tirap Frontier Tract), Siang (formerly Abor Hills district), Lohit (formerly Mishmi Hills district) and Tuensang.
[16.] Abor A, Dewan A, Agarwal N, Galhotra A, Goel N, Swami H.
The complete list of the members of the Board (who were all present at the hearing) are: Mr Jean-Paul Redouin, former First Deputy Governor of the Banque de France and Chair of the Commission Bancaire (Chair of the AboR), Ms Concetta Brescia Morra, Professor of Law (Vice-Chair), Mr Andre Camilleri, former Director General of the Malta Financial Services Authority, Mr E Javier Aristegui Yanez, former Deputy Governor of the Banco de Espana, Mr Edgar Meister, former Member of the Executive Board of the Deutsche Bundesbank, Attorney at Law.
In a study involving analysis of capital structure of Ghanian firms, Abor (2005) concluded that both STD and TD are positively related with firm performance.
Mohammad Hussain Abor Social worker Naveed Kayla and other also addressed on the occasion.
Khartoum, June.24 (SUNA) - Minister of abor and Administrative Reform, Dr Ahmed Babiker Nahar has affirmed the necessity for speeding up the implementation of the state's policy aimed at combating poverty, unemployment, youth recruitment and benefitting from Sudan' enormous agricultural and mining potentialities .
"Four more people, all of them adults, died at the hospital here in Biu while receiving treatment," said the vigilante, Abor Kabiru.
The second dataset is from the Austin Board of REALTORS[R] (ABoR) and contains 30,515 observations on houses that were sold through the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) between January 2008 and April 2012.
The Vanquish Volante has a new Q exterior finish, named Frosted Silver, while the coupe is finished in Abor Orange.