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Noun1.Abor - little known Kamarupan languages
Kamarupan - the Tibeto-Burman language spoken in northeastern India and adjacent regions of western Burma
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The table shows that the smallest primary and secondary schools have the highest proportion of ABOR students, 8.
On 26 January 1954 the North-East Frontier Agency was divided into six frontier divisions: Kameng (formerly Sela Sub-Agency), Subansiri (formerly Subansiri area), Tirap (formerly Tirap Frontier Tract), Siang (formerly Abor Hills district), Lohit (formerly Mishmi Hills district) and Tuensang.
This is important because it means that the ABoR disagrees with the view of the FCMC that we can no longer represent TKB.
Furthermore, Abor (2007) in sample containing small and medium size firms operating in Ghana and South Africa also supported earlier empirical findings that debt level and firm performance is negatively related.
The ABoR includes a field that tells if the home was rated by any green rating program.
Ghana Commercial Bank also introduced their ATMs in 2001 in collaboration with Agricultural Development Bank, Abor (2001).
Similar results were seen by Askarian M et al (2004), (13) Pandit NB et al (2005), (14) Gupta S et al (2006), (15) Tsakona M et al (2006), (16) Pandit NA et al (2007), (17) Bdour et al (2007), (18) Abor PA et al.
Las ideas de Bataille, Freud, Marcuse sobre la sexualidad y la cultura son expuestas con claridad y a la vez son tambien cuestionadas, junto con otras que, viniendo de otros enfoques, Baeza discute desde una interesante mirada de genero, como por ejemplo su abor daje, en el capitulo dedicado a la escritora puertorriquena Clara Lair, de la concepcion kantiana de lo sublime.
The award is given to affiliate (non-realtor) members of ABOR who best demonstrate integrity, a commitment to excellence in their business and community, and who have an outstanding partnership with ABOR.
Inter vention in gestational stages can lead to spontaneous abor tion, foetal abnormalities, premature labour, and even death.
They had resisted the colonial rule of the British and assassinated British political agent, captain Noel Williamson, Dr Gregson and a 42-member party during the Abor Expedition at Kamsing village on 31 March 1911," Sanjoy argued.
25-1 Owner DerrickS mith, Sue Magniera ndM ichaelT abor Trainer Aidan O'Brien Jockey Seamie Heffernan Groom YvonneZ ucker Breeder HascombeS tud Distances 23/4l,1 3/4l PEDRO THE GREAT created another bit of racing history for Aidan O'Brien when his victory in an eventful Group 1 Keeneland Phoenix Stakes gave the Ballydoyle trainer his 12th win in the race, moving him one ahead of Paddy Prendergast in the roll of honour.