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(Peoples) the state of being Aboriginal, esp with regard to having a common Aboriginal culture


the condition of being first in a place and of having a relatively simple nature. — aboriginal, n., adj.
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This includes changing government policy to provide a more inclusive definition of Aboriginality, as well as adding Aboriginal history to the school curriculum," he said.
The legendary aboriginality of the Rohingya is supported by the Rakhine's claim that they are the descendants of the conquerors and the indigenous people.
Rather than reproducing normative Aboriginality, an interculturally inclusive Indigenous studies critically engages with this trope, including those otherwise excluded by its authorising power.
We dont leave our Aboriginality at the door the moment we walk into big business.
3) Indeed, Griffen has spoken extensively about his intention to combine the conventions of the sci-fi and superhero genres with Indigenous folklore in order to encourage more diverse representations of Aboriginality.
Rather than striving to pinpoint a hypothetical border between the culturally pure and the pointedly political, both of which are simultaneously idealizations and abstractions, my approach emphasizes the complicated dialectic between past and present and the delicate interaction between traditions, linguistic and otherwise, that is at the heart of contemporary Tasmanian Aboriginality.
She discusses the historical basis of current Aboriginal identity discourses, from the colonial construction of Aboriginality to the period of transition through the 1960s and beyond; the changing meaning of Aboriginal identity; how Aboriginal identities are produced and conditioned by Aboriginal people; and the Confirmation of Aboriginality process, Aboriginal community processes and discourses that regulate who is and what counts as Aboriginal, and the negotiation, construction, and expression of contemporary Aboriginal identities.
Central to the book are knowledge claims about race and the ways in which ideas about indigeneity and aboriginality were made in many different forms.
Each instance affirmed, in distinct yet complementary ways, a recognition of Aboriginality as problematic and out of place in modem Australia.
The usual academic discussions of ethnicity, identity, and aboriginality, whether from a sociological/anthropological or historical viewpoint, usually come from presumably disinterested outsiders --those without a personal stake in the game--and seldom from the viewpoint of an insider.
In Jedda, the Chauvels were looking for a 'type' of Aboriginality that conformed to notions of conventional feminine passivity, could operate as the eroticised object of the film gaze, yet confirmed an ideological link between Aboriginality and the primitive; as Elsa noted, 'the idea of the Northern Territory and its Stone Age men [.
An offender's Aboriginality might [also] impact on his or her

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