Abu Qir

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A·bu Qir

also A·bu·kir  (ä′bo͞o-kîr′, ăb′o͞o-)
A village of northern Egypt in the Nile River delta on the Bay of Abu Qir. Adm. Horatio Nelson's victory over a French fleet off Abu Qir in 1798 restored British prestige in the Mediterranean and ended French hopes of establishing a stronghold in the Middle East.
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These focused on those located in densely populated areas, including Tora, Helwan, Hawamdia El-Saff, Atfih, Shubra, Abou Qir, and El- Max.
Par Ingi Amr Il s'agit de mettre en service quatre nouvelles centrales electriques : Abou Qir (650 MW), Guiza Nord (1000 MW), Banha (500 MW) et Ain As-Sokhna (650 MW).
Quant a Abou Qir, c'est une centrale a vapeur dont la capacite s'estime a 1300 megawatts.