a.1.Mentioned or recited before.
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As this paper is not intended to be a historical research, the abovesaid was mentioned for merely introductive purpose.
"Around 37 percent of the country's population aged15 years and abovesaid they currently smoke tobacco.
The presence of foci of cells with cytoplasmic microvacuoles and atypical scalloped nuclei confirmed the diagnosis of sebaceous carcinoma and ruled out the abovesaid malignant neoplasms.
The views expressed in this Article are the author's alone, and do not represent those of the abovesaid persons or any other.
Quartus 11.1 and Qsys tool are used to add the abovesaid components, generate Verilog code, and perform the pin assignments to the board, and then the project is compiled.
"Taking into account the abovesaid factors, Smart Holdings is envisaged to register strong debt-servicing indicators, with minimum and average finance service coverage ratios (with cash balances, post distribution, calculated on payment dates) of 2.45 times and 3.07 times, respectively, over the tenure of the Proposed Sukuk.
During his abovesaid visit, the IGP KP visited the P.S buildings and border check posts at Sheilkhan, Aziz Market, Speen Qabar, Sheen Darang, Mashoogagar and Zangali.
The research aims at formulating a new nondestructive method based on the surface analysis of tablets for their abovesaid classification.
The Council's decision imposing one of the abovesaid penalties d be issued without discussion during the same meeting after hearing from the member.