a.1.Mentioned or recited before.
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Around 37 percent of the country's population aged15 years and abovesaid they currently smoke tobacco.
Moreover, the implementation of the abovesaid plan will increase the readiness of the functional and territorial subsystems of a single state civil protection system, reduce the risks of emergencies and increase the level of protection of the population and territories by defining the central and local executive authorities, local governments, enterprises, institutions and organizations of specific tasks and activities in the field of civil protection in 2018.
Taking into account the abovesaid factors, Smart Holdings is envisaged to register strong debt-servicing indicators, with minimum and average finance service coverage ratios (with cash balances, post distribution, calculated on payment dates) of 2.
During his abovesaid visit, the IGP KP visited the P.
The Council's decision imposing one of the abovesaid penalties d be issued without discussion during the same meeting after hearing from the member.
as well as the closing statement ("In witness whereof the parties abovesaid to these present indentures interchangeably have set their hands and seals/given the day and year first abovewritten").
And being thus possessed of them, the same James afterwards on the tenth day of the aforesaid month of August in the abovesaid year at London aforesaid, to wit, in the parish and ward aforesaid, accidentally misplaced and lost out of his hands and possession those goods and chattels.
I was promised a Copy of the Letter that came from France, advising the discovery of the Island abovesaid, but its not yet come to my hand; when it cometh, or any further news about this Island, I shall acquaint you with it,
Received by me [name] of [place] the sum of [amount] for the [term of debt] and payable by the said [name] the day and year abovesaid according to a pair of indentures made the [date] between the parties as is more fully may appear.
and made [the same] to be carried off by the abovesaid men to the damage [of Robert] of 40s.
Volodymyr Groysman stressed the implementation of the abovesaid incentives will allow Ukraine to take a worthy place on the world economic map and to halt the outflow of highly skilled workers "People will come back to Ukraine.