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adv. & a.1.(Naut.) Braced aback.
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Finally, the ABox contains some fuzzy concept assertions to define two individuals: Tom and Lina.
ABOX Automation Corp 2 Frassetto Way, Unit 2 Lincoln Park, NJ 07035 US (973) 659-9611 SKanthan@ABOXautomation.
Abox Container Storage, John Hammer, 555 Lincoln St.
Input: the meta model and the application model Output: Tbox, Abox begin (1) Tbox = [}, Abox = [}; (2) for all MetaConcepts C in meta concept model, do (3) Tbox = Tbox [union] {c}; (4) if [C.
The DL consists of two parts: terminological language TBOX in which we define concepts and relations; and an assertion language ABOX in which we introduce the instances.
The knowledge graph contains the facts in the knowledge base, similar to the ABox in traditional knowledge representation approaches.
Visto desde el punto de vista funcional, un sistema basado en DL esta caracterizado por cuatro aspectos fundamentalmente (Baader, 2010): un conjunto de estructuras que constituyen el lenguaje empleado para describir los conceptos y roles, las declaraciones contenidas en el TBox, las declaraciones contenidas en el ABox y un mecanismo de inferencia para el razonamiento a partir de las bases de conocimiento.
Family flowers only please by request, donations in lieu if so desired to Kirkwood Hospice, for which abox will be available at the Crematorium.
The instrument is loosely called a 'network in abox,"' he said, adding that it provides functional test capability for UEs through both preinstalled servers and user-installed servers on the instrument's Windows 7-based PC.
pinaster de la capa 7, mediante tratamiento ABA, con un resultado de 43930 [+ o -] 750 BP (Beta 244002), y una segunda datacion, obtenida mediante el sistema de tratamiento ABOx, de un carbon de Pinus cf.
ABOX of sushi has caught on as a great alternative to the lunchtime sandwich and these tasty little nibbles can make an impressive spread of canapes too.
The top level is divided into TBox, RBox and ABox components.