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Of or relating to any of the faiths traditionally held to descend from the biblical patriarch Abraham, especially Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
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Amongst so many gods Michael felt bewildered, while Steward's Abrahamic bosom became more than ever the one sure haven where harshness and danger never troubled.
This would change over the centuries, as Christianity and Islam, the other Abrahamic faiths, evolved out of Judaism and spread around the world.
WASHINGTON, Feb 6 (KUNA) -- A two-day conference aiming to develop and build mechanisms for promoting peace that involves faith leaders from the Abrahamic communities gathered in Washington Tuesday.
Scholars of religion and theology demonstrate the web of relations that bind the scriptures of the three Abrahamic religions, and how the different readings and interpretations intermingle and influence each other.
It is sacred to the followers of the Abrahamic faiths; religious exclusivity is therefore not possible, and the situation will become increasingly difficult if it is restricted to a specific national or ethnic side," Siniora added, highlighting the fact that Zionists are trying to abolish other religions through their acts.
All three Abrahamic faiths hold it in high regard and consider it a holy city.
The Abrahamic Hajj is a center for intimacy, solidarity, unity, and coherence of the Muslim world," he said.
The Minister of Foreign Affairs extended thanks and gratitude of Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the US President, as well, for steps taken to change the course of dialogue between the Kingdom and the US and, similarly, the position towards Arab and Islamic, concluding by pointing that the US President's visit to the Kingdom and the related summits, will be followed by two other high profile visits to Israel and the Vatican, consecutively, thus addressing the Christians and the Jews, after being in the Kingdom, the cradle of Islam, in order to gather the followers of the three Abrahamic faith, together, in one pot, that would end the clash of civilization among religions.
Derian continued to preach coexistence, adding that being a Muslim entails respecting "a robust commitment with followers of Abrahamic religions.
The article stipulates a prison sentence from six months up to five years for any person using religion to incite against or insult any of the Abrahamic religions, or promote extremism, whether in speech or in writing.
He appealed to his fellow Muslims 'to continue extending goodwill and friendship to Christians, who also believe in the Abrahamic tradition.
This can only be explained in consideration of the (irrevocable) Abrahamic Covenant betwixt the Children of Israel and the Almighty Himself, to which He swore His own name on oath.