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Noun1.Abronia - genus of western North American herbs having showy flowersAbronia - genus of western North American herbs having showy flowers
caryophylloid dicot genus - genus of relatively early dicotyledonous plants including mostly flowers
Allioniaceae, family Allioniaceae, family Nyctaginaceae, four-o'clock family, Nyctaginaceae - a family of flowering plants of the order Caryophyllales
sand verbena - any of various plants of the genus Abronia of western North America and Mexico having flowers resembling verbena
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Also shown are examples of overlap between JCUs/corridors and the distributions (EOOs) of the Brilliant Arboreal Alligator Lizard (Abronia gaiophantasma) and Downs' Earth Snake (Geophis immaculatus).
Removal of woody capsules, as seen in Abronia spp., may also be aided with the use of generic nail clippers (RM.
They are borne on trees (e.g., Cavanellesia, Craigia, Balfourodendron), shrubs (e.g., Maxwellia, Phaeoptilum, Wimmeria) vines (e.g., Cucurbitaceae, Dioscoreaceae, Kleinhovia, Triptergium, Urvillea) and herbs (e.g., Abronia, Polygonum, Stackhousia).
Genetic variation and its relationship to population size in reintroduced populations of pink sand verbena, Abronia umbellata subsp.
Lagartija / Yaxal okots abaniquitos Sceloporus serrifer Lagartija Okots Sceloporus taeniocnemis Lagartija Okots Abronia lytnochila Dragoncito Ch'ix chikin labios rojos Atropoides nummifer Nauyaca mano Chon de metate / saltadora Ctenosaura sp.
Then, the desert plateaus are covered by a thick carpet of annuals such as sand verbena (Abronia spp., Nyctaginaceae), pepperwort (Lepidium spp., Brassicaceae), legumes of the genera Lupinus and Astragalus, grasses of the genera Bromus and Vulpia, as well as the chenopods Halogeton glomeratus and Bassia hyssopifolia.
In addition, other dune species (e.g., Abronia maritima) show greater root growth in areas of higher sand accumulation vs.
(1991) include: saltbush with species of Atriplex and Salicornia; halophyte scrub with species of Ambrosia, Bursera, Bouteloa and Muhlenbergia; coastal dunes with species of Abronia, Dalea and Plantago, and the Sarco-crasicaule scrub with species of Acacia, Jatropha, Larrea, Opuntia and Yucca.