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Other encouraging trends seen in the quarter include improving new unit productivity as absolute sales and sales growth for newer stores improved, Glass said.
On a positive note, coffee exhibited slower decline in the third quarter versus last year and absolute sales has stabilized month-on-month," URC said.
REUTERS/Nacho Doce CAIRO - 26 May 2018: With the Egy Beauty Expo set to take place in Cairo between September 1-3, 2018, and an ever-growing interest in make up, age-defying creams and various other cosmetic products, Egypt Today delves into the economics of the cosmetics industry in Egypt and the region; an industry that is expected to reach an accumulated $54.6 billion in absolute sales value of premium and mass beauty products internationally between 2016 and 2021.
We expect only moderate absolute sales (in the form of upfront fees, annual licence fees and others) and profits to gradually increase as Ocado will absorb developers' costs and other expenditures.