Absolute constant

(Math.) one whose value is absolutely the same under all circumstances, as the number 10, or any numeral.

See also: Constant

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It then must follow that there is an absolute constant [C.
The patient returned to his normal lifestyle as well to his hobbies (which are hunting and car mechanics) and has an absolute Constant Score of 86 points for both shoulders.
Theorem 4 There is an absolute constant C such that for n > C, and 7 > C[n.
n=0] is bounded, that is an absolute constant C such that
Our intention is to prove as an intermediate result, that there exits an absolute constant [N.
There exists an absolute constant c > 0 such that [zeta](s) [not equal to] 0 for [sigma] > 1 - c/log([absolute value of t]+2).
MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION OMITTED] If we choose t so that t -1 > n, Sobolev's lemma gives an absolute constant C so that
285] perfect matchings, where c is some absolute constant.
Then for 1 < p < [infinity] there is an absolute constant [c'.
i], i [greater than or equal to] 1 express absolute constant, and they can express different values in different places.
It would be interesting to extend the result to all p [greater than or equal to] c/n for some absolute constant c > 0.