Absolute constant

(Math.) one whose value is absolutely the same under all circumstances, as the number 10, or any numeral.

See also: Constant

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Theorem 4 There is an absolute constant C such that for n > C, and 7 > C[n.
Our intention is to prove as an intermediate result, that there exits an absolute constant [N.
Summarizing, we conclude that there exists an absolute constant N1 E N which depends only on a, b, c, d, f such that
There exists an absolute constant c > 0 such that [zeta](s) [not equal to] 0 for [sigma] > 1 - c/log([absolute value of t]+2).
i], i [greater than or equal to] 1 express absolute constant, and they can express different values in different places.
There exists an absolute constant c > 0, such that the asymptotic formula
holds for some absolute constant C > 0: This completes the proof of Theorem .
3] are constants, D > 0 is an absolute constant.
Topics include Euclidean geometry, toy geometries and main definitions, discrete subgroups of the isometry group of the plane and tilings, the Poincare half-plane model, hyperbolic trigonometry and absolute constants, and the hierarchy of geometries.
to denote positive absolute constants, not necessarily of the same value at different occurrences.