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In the case of inflation, for every month, we calculated the absolute deviation of each analyst's forecast from the actual inflation and then averaged the results for the available data points," Chua said.
In this study, a novel adaptive speckle noise reduction algorithm using anisotropic diffusion filter based on Haar wavelet transform and the median absolute deviation was proposed.
Notation Definition TQ Task Queue Ti Task ID of task i Mj Machine ID of machine j Ci,j completion time of Ti on Mj Rj Ready time of machine j 3.4 High Mean Absolute Deviation First (HMADF) Heuristic
Analysis of deviations between 0[degrees] and 24.4[degrees] without regard to positive or negative sign yielded a mean absolute deviation of 7.14[+ or -]3.95[degrees] between the anatomic axis and the horizontal axis.
Rain-rate measured by both PMCS and OTT is higher than rain-rate measured by Gauge, the relative deviations are 4.5% and 15.0%, in which absolute deviation between PMCS and Gauge is higher than that between OTT and Gauge, the possible reason is that the sampling efficiency is affected by capture probability of PMCS, and the number density of large raindrops has an unsteady step-down variance.
Three two-dimensional discrete wavelet transform features (dwt2H Mean Value, dwt2H Median Value, and dwt2H Median Absolute Deviation from the 2nd level 2D horizontal wavelet coefficient matrix) were found to sustain statistically significant differences between low CIN and high CIN cases (Table 3).
Mean Absolute Deviation (MAD) calculated in the following equation:
80,08 21 176 Amplitude 6,66 20 21 Mode 81,70 28 192 Median 82,30 28 188 Average 82,45 28,63 188,036 Quartile 1 81,82 26 185 Quartile 3 82,935 31 192 Quartile difference 1,115 5 7 Dispersion 1,30635 12,41171 18,39483 Average of absolute deviation 0,83527 2,80239 3,57987 Standard deviation 1,14296 3,52303 4,28892 Coefficient of variation 1,38624 12,30393 2,28090 Correlation 0,10674 -0,14771 -0,072981 Indicators Weight (kg) N 361 N.
Least absolute deviation and least square method are generally used to measure the distance between two traces, and their expressions are as follows:
(b) The corresponding absolute deviation of [[??].sub.b] from the corresponding true value, normalised to the true number of signal particles, [absolute value of [[??].sub.b] - [n.sup.*.sub.b]]/ [n.sup.*.sub.s], in those ([eta], [p.sub.T]) bins that contain at least 1 signal particle.
Generally speaking, the absolute deviation [absolute value of d] rises with rising antenna condition number [kappa].
In this manuscript, we suggest a hybrid method called K important neighbors (KIN) that implements smoothly clipped absolute deviation (SCAD) regression and uses a function of the obtained coefficients as weights in construction of dissimilarity measure.