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Blacks had higher percentage growth in income than whites, but their disadvantage increased by more than $400 in absolute terms. Hispanics and Asians declined relative to Whites in both percentage and absolute terms.
This is reflected by poor long-term equity market performance, both in relative and absolute terms. For example, $100 invested in the forest products sector in 1992 would have grown to only $106 by January 2001.
A lender holding a 7 percent loan faces a gain or loss if lending rates, in absolute terms, rise or fall.
Yet science funding in most areas is larger now in absolute terms than it has ever been, so the real problem may be elsewhere.
Given current conditions, it is likely that a majority of baby boomers actually will have a lower retirement standard of living in absolute terms than their parents now enjoy [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE IV OMITTED].
Every lab engaged in QA testing should know this precision data ( 2s sub.1tr] in absolute terms or in %, see above) for all relevant QA tests.
Wrigley emphasized that the gum sales through agency stock checks accounted for only 0.00007% of its annual Wisconsin sales and in absolute terms amounted to only several hundred dollars.
In absolute terms, there was a reduction of $2.7 billion in the trade deficit and $2.4 billion came from the import side.
According to fiscal operations data released by the Ministry of Finance on Wednesday, the fiscal deficit in absolute terms amounted to Rs1.029 trillion in first half (July-December 2018) that was almost 30pc higher than same period of last year the pre-election spending session of PML-N.
In absolute terms, non-performing loans (NPLs) of the corporate sector are already the highest among all segments.
Revenue collection from Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has jumped from Rs 520 billion in 2003-04 to Rs 1,939 billion in 2012-13 with the increase of Rs 1.4 trillion in absolute terms. The average growth during the period was 16 percent.