Absolute time

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time irrespective of local standards or epochs; as, all spectators see a lunar eclipse at the same instant of absolute time.

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"We were having the absolute time of our lives dancing like idiots, drinking mess and you were stealing my chips........how can this tragedy even be real!
A wobbly drunk lady disappears and her small dog wanders onto the dance floor for an hour to have the absolute time of his life.
Absolute Time: Rifts in Early Modern British Metaphysics.
Still, specific recovery functions associated with different sleep stages make it likely that (natural) variation in the absolute time spent in a certain sleep stage might influence performance.
Relative time carries forward the narrative whereas absolute time allows us to dwell with characters for no particular reason of plot, but simply to know and be with them.
'Your job this evening is to have the absolute time of your life.
That's why we're pleased to see M&S launching Formula Absolute Time Capsules, PS25, for 28.
The main findings of the present study were: (a) the athletes expended a similar time across the three exercise intensity domains during a WB match (~33% in each exercise intensity); and (b) the relative but not absolute time expended at moderate and heavy exercise intensity domains was associated with the velocity at L[L.sub.1].
It is worth noting that the overall impact of the time offset on the calibration factor uncertainty does not depend on the absolute time difference [T.sub.0]-[T.sub.cal].
Absolute time accuracy is needed when measurement data must be mapped to a specific real-world event or when two or more data-acquisition systems are not on the same network.
Newton's physics stipulated a static and fixed framework for the universe based on concepts of absolute space and absolute time that were considered independent of one another.