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The binding st udies of t he compound wit h calf thymus DNA (CT-DNA) have also been explored by elect ronic absorpt ion t it rat ion and fluorescence quenching experiment s and the result s suggest t hat the compound binds t o CT-DNA through groove binding.
Physical properties of common polymer substrates used in high-density flex circuits PROPERTY POLYIMIDE POLYIMIDE POLYIMIDE (KAPTON) (APICAL) (UPILEX) Tg [degrees]C 385 500 500 CTE (ppm/[degrees]C) 15 12 12 Tensile Strength (Kpsi) 24 15-24 35 Water Absorpt. (% / Wt.) 2.9 22 1.2 Dielectric Strength (kV/mil) 7 9.4 6.8 PROPERTY PEN POLYESTER POLYCARBONATE (KALADEX) (MYLAR) (MAKROFOL) Tg [degrees]C 122 80 153 CTE (ppm/[degrees]C) 20 20 70 Tensile Strength (Kpsi) 32 28-32 20-25 Water Absorpt.
The cavity is coated with specular black paint to improve the absorpt ance.
Her answer to the jury of her peers foreshadows the arguments of her better-known work, "On the Equality of the Sexes." She asse rts that spiritual efforts exist in a realm beyond gender differences: "Whatsoever is essential to the ethereal Spark, which animates these transient Tenements, will exist when the Distinction of Male, and Female, shall be forever absorpt" (iii).
For Ti[O.sub.2], it is possible that phenol molecules were simply absorpted on the surface, blocking further degradation.