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The 17 papers examine the artistic production of several abstract expressionists in the context of brain disease, shell shock symptoms exhibited by writers, Henkrik Ibsen's battle with cerebrovascular disease, Pierre Janet's psychotherapy treatment of Raymond Roussel, and dissociative experiences in Kafka's The Trial.
"I can say that my work has been influenced by the Impressionists of Europe and by the Abstract Expressionists of America.
Hoyland's work was inspired by the American Abstract Expressionists, a group of abstract painters who emerged in New York in the 1940s.
His compositions were marked by spontaneity and rigorous movement which binds him with abstract expressionists.
remains of art, once kingdom to a few abstract expressionists: these
The Liverpool-born painter's work is influenced by the Abstract Expressionists movement, in particular the work of Robert Motherwell.
Avery (1885-1965), became a serious full-time painter at the age of 40, lived in New York for the next 35 years, and created a body of work that engaged with the Abstract Expressionists yet found its own path and has been enormously influential.
Although he was trained in Iran as a set designer and traditional Persian miniature painter, Eshghi was inspired by artists including Picasso, Dali and the abstract expressionists; he soon began to explore abstract art.
"When I arrived in Germany among the abstract expressionists, I felt much joy!
Hobbs writes that she embraced radical departures in her artistic development that separated her from the first-generation male Abstract Expressionists. She broke "away from Abstract Expressionist claims of autonomy and transcendence as she embrace[d] the countering ideas of contingency and fragmentation," Hobbs adds.
His work is shown in top New York City galleries, and his subjects range from 1950s Abstract Expressionists to more contemporary artists, as well as pop stars and other celebrities.
Us Lot, a collection of paintings and prints, also features influences from pop artists of the 1960s such as Andy Warhol and Robert Rauchenburg, contemporary artists and British Abstract Expressionists.

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