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I cannot by any effort of thought conceive the abstract idea above described.
It is said to be one of the merits of the human mind that it is capable of framing abstract ideas, and of conducting nonsensational thought.
Berkeley's view in the above passage, which is essentially the same as Hume's, does not wholly agree with modern psychology, although it comes nearer to agreement than does the view of those who believe that there are in the mind single contents which can be called abstract ideas.
and they were very willing) to do full justice to the handsome face and figure of the proprietor, they held the countenance of the dark gentleman in the window to be an exquisite and abstract idea of masculine beauty, realised sometimes, perhaps, among angels and military men, but very rarely embodied to gladden the eyes of mortals.
But a command is an abstract idea, and it seemed a sort of "lesser marvel" till it flashed upon me that it involved the concrete existence of a ship.
He was painted and padded, wigged and dressed, to represent the abstract idea of a male human being of five-and twenty in robust health.
Because men had abstract ideas in a previous state, they must have always had them, and their souls therefore must have always existed.
Mr Brass had evidently a strong inclination to make an angry reply, but was deterred by prudent or timid considerations, as he only muttered something about aggravation and a vagabond; not associating the terms with any individual, but mentioning them as connected with some abstract ideas which happened to occur to him.
He had no abstract ideas about justice and fair play.
It is the peculiarity of Russian natures that, however strongly engaged in the drama of action, they are still turning their ear to the murmur of abstract ideas.
My notion's to think of the human beings first and let the abstract ideas take care of themselves.
2347 (2014), the Supreme Court explained that all decisions of patent eligibility should be made using a two-step inquiry, asking (1) whether the patent claim at issue covers an abstract idea and, if so, (2) whether the patent adds something extra that embodies an inventive concept.

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