Abstract numbers

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(Math.) numbers used without application to things, as 6, 8, 10; but when applied to any thing, as 6 feet, 10 men, they become concrete.

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I mean, as I was saying, that arithmetic has a very great and elevating effect, compelling the soul to reason about abstract number, and rebelling against the introduction of visible or tangible objects into the argument.
The abstract number, five, I am willing to admit; but, concretely, it has reference to bottles of Brown Stout, without which, in the way of condiment, Welsh rabbit is to be eschewed.
Safe staffing guides are not abstract numbers - they are essential to keep people well.
Lankeit personalized those abstract numbers: "In the time since this homily started, at least 30 children have been deliberately executed in the womb in the United States--and that's just the ones that are reported."
Purpose: We aimed to evaluate the number of abstracts on patient dose presented at the Turkish National Radiology Congress and compare their ratios to the total abstract numbers with those presented at the European Congress of Radiology (ECR).
The book's persuasive power lies in Jerven's ability to place abstract numbers into both historical perspective and local context, as demonstrated in Chapter 2.
These figures are not just abstract numbers; behind every single attack is a face and the story of an individual, a family and a community devastated.
This student's response underscores the two different meanings we give to fractions in teaching: fractions in context (partitioned fractions) and fractions as abstract numbers (quantity fractions) (Gould, 2008; Isoda, Stephens, Ohara, & Miyakawa, 2007; Yoshida, 2004).
He said: "Liberal Democrats know that what matters to people is not abstract numbers but the money they have in their pocket.
I wish one day the news talk more of every innocent child and woman that is killed as human beings with hopes, feelings, potential and rights to live, not as abstract numbers and simple statistics.
Study researchers concluded that "emergency medical surveillance has proven to be an integral part of the immediate disaster response as well as the post-event review." (Abstract numbers 177262, 173842)