Abstract terms

those which express abstract ideas, as beauty, whiteness, roundness, without regarding any object in which they exist; or abstract terms are the names of orders, genera or species of things, in which there is a combination of similar qualities.

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References in classic literature ?
There seemed to be few, if any, abstract terms, or little use of figurative language.
Religion prefers to speak in abstract terms like justice, peace, and love while tobacco issue is a problem that requires concreteness.
This requires an ability to discuss and explain not in abstract terms but in simple terms, so it is understandable for all.
Yet, especially after 2011, they have started to openly criticize the West in abstract terms.
One theory implicates a single cognitive distinction: the ability to reinterpret the world in abstract terms.
He notes that the emotional needs of men are not communicated clearly, as men themselves prefer abstract terms that are disconnected from emotions as demonstrated by the popular saying first coined by Rene Descartes a French philosopher in 1637 "I think therefore I am".
Books teach a child thinking skills early and when parents read to their child, they learn to understand cause and effect, to exercise logic, as well as think in abstract terms.
The poems often use a religious vocabulary: angels, gods, churches, and more abstract terms like guilt, innocence, faith.
David Luiz can talk in stirring abstract terms about dreams and desire.
Al-Attabani who was expelled from the NCP late last year, said that Bashir spoke in abstract terms at a time when people expected more clarity.
The intention is to maintain pace and momentum not in abstract terms, but in very specific terms that will relate to their relaxation and eventually their full lifting.
All these are not abstract terms, but norms and rules that are already in place in the EU, which we need in Ukraine," said Azarov.