Abstract terms

those which express abstract ideas, as beauty, whiteness, roundness, without regarding any object in which they exist; or abstract terms are the names of orders, genera or species of things, in which there is a combination of similar qualities.

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References in classic literature ?
There seemed to be few, if any, abstract terms, or little use of figurative language.
Two controversial wars and an ill-defined 'war on terrorism' that portrayed the enemy in such abstract terms, and the conflict as a war of ideas, ended up magnifying the enemy and enlarging the scope and meaning of the conflict, making it look like a war against Islam.
Image-making extends to more abstract terms as well, such as with visual identity, branding, narratives, story-telling and more.
For this reason, it is clear that the mandate of the United Nations is embracing each and every one of us, not only in abstract terms, but in very tangible and practical ways.
This government talks not in abstract terms, but in a language that can be understood by the common man.
Such advanced AI can think creatively and in abstract terms, and thus it can define questions worthy of answering--and select the most appropriate information sources to go with each question.
What constitutes security in both real and abstract terms, how it is achieved and what it achieves in turn, are each different aspects of national security which need to be addressed both separately and collectively in order to arrive at some conclusion which can be considered nearest to an answer 'complete in itself'.
Unfortunately, traditional grammar instruction relies heavily on the memorization of abstract terms - an adverb modifies a verb and tells how, where, when, and to what extent - students have trouble connecting to the material or engaging with it past the point of memorization.
Those are abstract terms, of course, so my team and I make technical decisions to meet those requests.
Social responsibility is a term that has come into vogue in many disciplines, but compassion is much less discussed, except maybe in abstract terms as part of a study of religions, especially Buddhism.
Another tip: It's key to anthropomorphize abstract terms like "death" or "nature" or "time"--"So you can actually see them.
ySTANBUL (CyHAN)- One of the most fundamental differences between humans and other animals is the ability to think in abstract terms.