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Noun1.Yasser Arafat - Palestinian statesman who was chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (1929-2004)
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The websites reported that Mohammad Ramadhan al-Hajji nom de guerre Abu Amar al-Hasi, the commander of Jeish Osama affiliated to Al-Nusra Front, was killed by gun fire of unidentified raiders in Southern Aleppo,
A Palestinian band, calling themselves Abu Amar (the common name for deceased Palestinian president Yasir Arafat), started to take part in national celebrations, public occasions, graduations and wedding ceremonies.
The second man, Saeed Nagy Saeed Abu Amar, also held fake Egyptian ID card, registered to an address in the Al-Arish region of North Sinai.
We must be united to make it true," said Dalia Abu Aker, a 16-year old descendant of a refugee from Ras Abu Amar village, to the west of Jerusalem, who resides with her family in the West Bank refugee camp of Aldihishi.
I am sure that Abu Amar [Yasser Arafat] thought the same, when in 2000 he was dragged to Camp David.
How I miss those days," sighs Haroon Abu Amar, a Palestinian resident of Bu Danig.
Heavily bearded father Abu Amar drives his recycling truck, assisted by young son Abu Bakr Al Azzam.
Abu Amar begins the film looking like an Arab Francis Ford Coppola, a larger-than-life extrovert with a bushy beard.
Drumming hands, masked and armed paramilitaries, Cub Scout groups and thousand upon thousand young men chanting the name Abu Amar jammed the streets.
Zubeidi told the FT: "With Abu Amar [Arafat], I could be confident that I could handle resistance to the Israeli occupation knowing that he was taking care of the political work.
The slain fighter was identified as Imad Abu Amar, aged 22.
Welcome Abu Amar from the Intifada Driving School," one banner read.

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