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 (ä′bo͞o-bä′kər) also A·bu Bekr (ä′bo͞o bĕk′ər) 573?-634.
First caliph of the Muslim empire (632-634). He was one of the earliest converts to Islam and ascended to power after the death of his son-in-law Muhammad, establishing Islam as a political and military force throughout Arabia.


(əˌbuˈbæk ər)

also A•bu-Bekr


A.D. 573–634, Muhammad's father-in-law and successor: first caliph of Mecca.
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Abu Bekr Abdullah Al-Qirbi, Minister of Foreign Affairs of Yemen, speaking as a concerned country, said Yemen believed that democracy and human rights constituted an integral indivisible system that could not be split or divided.