Abu Hanifa

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A•bu Ha•ni•fa

(ɑˌbu hæˈni fə)
A.D. 699–767, Islamic scholar: founder of one of the four schools of Islamic law.
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Mawlavi Tawana, head of Shaheed Tawana-e-Balkh Foundation considered Imam Sadiq as one the best examples of right against wrong, adding that Imam Sadiq had been member of the Prophet and had good relations with Ulamas and his relation with Imam Abu Hanifa had been the best example against Islams enemies who lapping disunity among Islamic religions.
he criticizes the Faqy1/2hs (Islamic Jurists) of Islam like Imam Abu Hanifa, Imam Malek, Imam Al-Shafi'i, and Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal.
Abu Hanifa and scholars of the Maliki and Shafi'i schools accepted women's uncorroborated testimony about an infants live birth only insofar as it affected the dead child's burial rituals, not in order to allocate material benefits such as bequests.
The Qatar e-Nature Schools Contest 2016 concluded yesterday with a final live round that saw Abu Hanifa Model Independent School for Boys winning the first place.
For this I want to tell you that the attack in Brussels is reaping what you had sown with your own hands," said Hicham Chaib, whose nom de guerre was given as Abu Hanifa al-Beljiki.
He said Iman Abu Hanifa and Jabar bin Hayan came from the same madrassas.
In a statement posted online, Daesh said the attack was carried out by a suicide bomber it identified as Abu Hanifa al-Hollandi.
Baghdad/ NINA /-- Imam and preacher of Abu Hanifa mosque in Adhamiya area , Sheikh Abdul Sattar Abdul Jabbar showed surprise of the participation of some governing parties in the popular demonstrations which are going on in Baghdad and mny other provinces .
Born in Lahore and brought up in Dubai, Imran began memorising the Quran at Imam Abu Hanifa Centre for Quranic Studies Dubai at the age of six and completed it when he was nine years old.
The Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam has also wise strategy when a grand gathering was organized at Abu Hanifa seminary in Anghapoor on the name of Ulema convention.
The Governor also followed-up the distribution of humanitarian aid for the families in Abu Hanifa al-Nua'man Mosque, asserting the necessity of delivering aid to those who are in need.
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