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A·bu Qir

also A·bu·kir  (ä′bo͞o-kîr′, ăb′o͞o-)
A village of northern Egypt in the Nile River delta on the Bay of Abu Qir. Adm. Horatio Nelson's victory over a French fleet off Abu Qir in 1798 restored British prestige in the Mediterranean and ended French hopes of establishing a stronghold in the Middle East.
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(ˌɑ buˈkɪər, ˌæb u-)

a bay in N Egypt, between Alexandria and the Rosetta mouth of the Nile: French fleet defeated here by British fleet 1798.
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Noun1.Abukir - a bay on the Mediterranean Sea in northern EgyptAbukir - a bay on the Mediterranean Sea in northern Egypt
Mediterranean, Mediterranean Sea - the largest inland sea; between Europe and Africa and Asia
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The castle was built by the Mamluk Sultan Al-Ashraf Qaitbay in the 15th century AD and was occupied by the French army during their campaign against Egypt in 1799, a few days after the battle of Abukir and they named it Julian's Fortress.
Goddio has taken 20 years to reclaim the artefacts that comprise this mesmerising exhibition but it was in 1933 that a British Royal Air Force pilot taking off from an air base on the Bay of Abukir, on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, glimpsed the outline of ruins under the sea.