Abundant number

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runsas luku
numero abbondante
ymnigt tal
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Throughout Ho Chi Minh City is an abundant number of outdoor cafes bustling with customers well into the wee morning hours.
It's because overall ratio of respiratory allergies caused by paper mulberry is only significant in the region this plant is present in abundant number,' he said while sharing the facts of his research.
Lee Pui Sun, Chairman, CEO and Executive Director of the Group said, "Considering the favorable market conditions, our outstanding competitive strengths, and abundant number of projects on hand with considerable contract sum, the Group shall remain cautiously optimistic towards the future.
A visitor to Souq Waqif said,"For many families, the abundant number of shisha smokers in Souq Waqif is repelling.
There are an abundant number of grinds for golfers of all ability levels and every situation.
However, the abundant number of language perished when their speakers became victim of slavery during the major war of history.
'So for now we are doing a task shifting so that the skills of doctors, nurses and midwives will be task shifted to community health workers that we have in abundant number so that for now they will performing those jobs and responsibilities doctors, nurses and midwives do after been trained and under strict monitoring and supervision so that we can have the requisite manpower,' he said.
I thank God Almighty for bestowing, this year as well as previous years, the blessing of performing the Hajj on an abundant number of believers from throughout the world, so that they can benefit from this refreshing and blessed spring, and so that they can be in the vicinity of God Almighty's House engaging in worship, supplication, remembrance of God and seeking closeness to God on days and nights whose precious and auspicious hours can touch hearts and purify and ornament souls like a miraculous medicine.
states and millions of employees globally, there are an abundant number of CEOs who have not stepped up to meet the pledge.
Genotype G2 was found away from the point of origin having abundant number of recessive genes followed by G1 under normal while, G4 got that position under drought followed by G1.
Surya's showroom also made a big play with new outdoor lighting fashion as well as an abundant number of new indoor lamp designs that features lustrous ceramics, agate, marble and alabaster mixed with a variety of metals and wood.