Abundant number

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runsas luku
numero abbondante
ymnigt tal
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From A to Z--or at least, from Amory to Wesson--the state has an abundant number of places for an afternoon trip to a local disc golf course and a quick 18 holes.
Though the Saints have an abundant number of draft picks, it is a hard task to find players ready to start in the NFL.
All too often, however, the diary of events contains an over abundant number of concerts staged within a very close period of time, some on the same day as each other - an embarrassment of riches, in fact.
There is already an abundant number of powder-kegs of extremism and terrorism all over the world with plenty of fanatics ready to put a spark to them.
The generosity displayed in the number of appendices extends to the editing of the play text itself, since a reader can benefit from line glosses, an abundant number of footnotes ranging from prosody to performance history, and extended, illustrated notes regarding key aspects of the play such as myth, mirth, music, clothing, geography, dancing, fencing, painting, sport, and performance history which are conveniently available at relevant points in the text.
There are an abundant number of independent GMP consultants servicing the industry but they have no "certification program"--at least that I am aware of.
Pegeen's unique and successful formula is evident from the abundant number of referrals, repeat business and the quality of its creations.
The current fish market is next to Deira Corniche and is home to an abundant number of boats that dock there on a daily basis and fish will be sold to vendors and visitors at auctions, from as early as 5am.
And this year, Las Vegas, Atlanta and Dallas top the list with each having an abundant number of those luxury rooms available throughout the year.
The current fish market lies next to Deira Corniche and is home to an abundant number of boats that dock there on a daily basis to sell their fish to vendors and visitors at auctions from as early as 5am.
These two features of Yemen -- its cuisine and hospitality -- in addition to the number of Yemenis living in Saudi Arabia would make one presume that the Kingdom boasts an abundant number of Yemeni restaurants.
Ask your students to find the first abundant number.