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 (ăb′zo͝og′, -zŭg′), Bella 1920-1998.
American politician who was a US representative from New York State (1971-1976) known for her strong views against the Vietnam War and in support of feminism.


(ˈæb zʊg)
Bella (Savitzky), 1920–98, U.S. politician and women's-rights activist: congresswoman 1971–76.
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The Spiral is being developed by Tishman Speyer on a full block stretching from West 34th to West 35th Streets and from Tenth Avenue to the Bella Abzug Park.
Prominent American feminists attended, including Betty Friedan, Bella Abzug, Jane Fonda, and Angela Davis.
Table 1: Data extraction summary Author, year Aim/s Sample country Abzug 2015 Evaluation of 275 patients splints applied Baltimore, in community USA hospital EDs and urgent care centres Dinh et al 1.
Robin then called on her friends-Bella Abzug, Gloria Steinem, friends from Ford Foundation and other women's networks to act as sponsors.' The conference became a huge success.
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Symptoms include tenderness and pain around the knee, increased temperature, refusal to bear weight on the affected side, and elevated white blood count (WBC) (Hay, Levin, Deterding, Abzug, & Sondheimer, 2016).
When Bella Abzug campaigned in 1971 for New York City statehood, the Buffalo City Council responded with a "good riddance" resolution.
Representative and social activist Bella Abzug, and served for five years as the executive director of the Lesbian Community Cancer Project in Chicago.
I hope to confront parochial educational as one form of urban, normative subordination and indoctrination, as it is realized in the lives of two urban women--congresswoman and civil rights activist Bella Abzug and poet and activist Audre Lorde--and as I witnessed it myself as a "product" of the same parochial school Lorde and Abzug attended: St.